25 May 2008

This is .............. something I got but still haven't used

"This is .." this week is really difficult as most things I have I have used. If I don't use something, I either pass it on to somebody that will or I sell it on Trademe. As William Morris says "Have nothing around you that is not useful or beautiful?". I do have the above dress hanging in my wardrobe that I have not worn yet, but will do one day, when I find the right occasion.
I also have a lot of fabric in my stash that I am going to use some time. Strangely enough each time I have a project I am working on, I still need to buy more fabric as I don't have the exact one I need.


CurlyPops said...

Hmmmm I have a few dresses that still have the tags on!

Two Peas In a Pod said...

Look at all that beautiful fabric. I am green with envy! I like how you have them in the baskets I think Im going to have to try that. Might be easier to keep them in order. Cheers Kyla

Maureen said...

Project vs material, ah that's a hard one. For me what works best is finding a material, and then thinking what I can do with it. Sadly this is more theory than practice unless I'm working digitally.

Lisa said...

I am so ignorant- when the Flylady says Have nothing around you that is not useful or beautiful I did't realise she was quoting someone else. der.

Love the dress.


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