07 May 2008

Today's Suprise Daisies #45

Today's daisies arrived in a suprise parcel from my Mum. Don't you just love suprise parcels. Mum did tell me there was a parcel on the way, but with all the recent disasters, I had forgotten all about it.
Inside were some really cool daisy fabrics. I can just see them in a quilt with chicken fabrics already.
One of Mum's beautiful cards.

And a patchwork block. The block is called North Wind.
Just what I needed to cheer me up. I am sure it was about this time last year that we had lots and lots of disasters. This year so far - the Dishwasher has broken down again for the last time, the Microwave is attempting to blow itself up with sparks each time it is used, the Tumble Drier has developed a very very loud rattle and on Sunday smoke started to billow out of the Iron. And just to cap it all we had the big scare with my youngest last week ending up in hospital and Peter's Dad is really seriously ill, he has lung cancer. Who says things come in threes, sometimes it seems like they come in twenty threes. Mind you seeing my youngest back home and running around full of energy puts everything else in perspective.


CurlyPops said...

With all that bad luck, thank goodness you received a lovely parcel!

JustJess said...

Sending you a daisy chain of strength Nicola - take care. J


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