05 October 2008

Bathroom Renovation #2

The plans are drawn up, the building consent application has been submitted, the fittings are ordered (more about them soon) and the builder is standing by to get started. It then dawned on me that we would need to choose a paint colour. Now you may think that I should do that when the bathroom is finished. Unfortunatly the builder would like me to whizz in and paint the bathroom one evening between the walls being completed and before the fittings, tiles and toilet are installed! I think he is punishing me because I want to do the painting myself. Choosing colours for me takes a long time, both Peter and I are very very fussy and always want the exact right shade. The choosing usually starts with me standing in a shop picking up random colour charts to take home. Our bathroom, which is to become a shower room is small and quite dark, so I thought we would need something bright. Not red for a bathroom. Not yellow as to bright. Not blue as too cold and that is the colour it is at the moment. Not white as all the fittings are white. Which leaves us with green or greeney cream.
Then a few choices are stuck up on the wall, to be hummed over. This is where Peter usually joins in. Against the white the cream did look a bit grubby, so we decided to go for a green.
Next step the sample pots. After waiting for what seemed like hours for somebody to mix up the paint, and being told how to choose a colour by the instore colour consultant, we left with a batch of pots to try. When we got home, one of the pots contained pink paint, we gave that a miss. The pale greens either looked to minty or to bright (yes I know I thought we needed something bright, I was wrong). I think we are going to go with the middle green. Very similar to the colour in our lounge and on one wall of the hall, perhaps a couple of shades lighter.
Finally with one colour choosen and because the whole bathroom is getting ripped out and re gibbed, I have been able to almost paint a whole wall from the one little test pot. We can live with it for a week or so until the builders get started and see if it is really what we want.

I am so looking forward to getting rid of the plastic bowl we have to use as a basin, because of the huge hole in the bathroom basin. You would not belive how many times I have got wet feet by pouring the water from the bowl into the cracked sink, instead of the bath. And I am so looking forward to having a pantry in my kitchen. But not looking forward to the upheavable involved in getting there, or of having to share one toilet and shower between Peter, myself and the two teenage boys. I think my middle son crawls out of bed and sleeps standing up in the shower he is in there so long in the mornings. Though it could be worse they could have been teenage girls.

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SWEET MARY said...

Thats a nice green Nic - its all going to look so gorgeous


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