24 October 2008

Trip to Palmerston

Today was Hawkes Bay Anniversary Day, which meant a holiday for me and the family, yea. And because it will be my birthday next week, Peter my wonderful, brilliant hubbie gave me some cash to spend at the shops. In fact he gave me a big fat envelope of cash. My Mum sent me some too, thanks Mum. So off Peter, my youngest and I went to Palmerston North for the day some shopping. There was quite a lot of "Are we there yet" from my youngest.Broken up by "Gosh look at the Viking" in Dannevirke. Dannevirke has a Nordic connection. And "Gosh look at the wooden church painted to look like stone." At least that is what Peter has told us. So blame him if we are wrong.

And "Gosh look at the windmills", which for a change where all totally still as there was not a breath of wind. Followed by "Peter keep your eyes on the road, don't look at any of the wonderful views", the road through the Manawatu Gorge is a bit worrying. It is a bit like a veranda on the side of a rather pretty cliff. Peter is well known for spending too much time looking at the view and not enough looking at the road.
The shopping was good fun. Peter and my youngest spent some time with the ducks and some time in the play station game shop. When you are on a piggy bank budget it takes a while to make up your mind.

Then a lot of sheep, mountains and weather on the way home.


SWEET MARY said...

Sounds like a great day out Nic - but what didi you buy with all that cash?

Nicola said...

I bought a skirt, some black tops, a red flowery top and 2 pairs of sandals. And two blue and white spotty cake tins. And I still have some money left. Off to Napier today to spend the last bit.


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