19 October 2008

This is my .... favourite movie of all time

After a lot of careful consideration my favourite movie of all time is "Amelie". The evening we went to see this film was one of those perfect evenings. The weather was balmy and warm, a rareity for Scotland. Peter had picked me up after work in Edinburgh and we had an early supper at Pierre Victoire in the Grassmarket. We had the set menu of steak and pomme frites. Then toddled over to watch the film. Brilliant evening.

Other movies I like are Blade Runner the directors cut, Mama Mia, Hot Fuzz, Keeping Mum and The Worlds Fastest Indian. I like movies that are comedies mostly. I like to laugh, usually quite loud and in the wrong places.


CurlyPops said...

I still haven't seen Amelie..but I really want to!

handmaiden said...

she has been in some gret movies I love them all


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