22 October 2008

Bathroom Renovation #5

I know that you can't make an omlette without breaking a few eggs. But do they really need to leave the old toilet and the old waste pipes sitting beside our front door. Oh and yes, just incase you are wondering, the window will be going back in eventually and become the window of my new pantry.
The view of the front of our house. All visitors have to walk past the toilet before they get to the door.
Our new hall way where the front door will eventually be.
The inspector came to check out our new plumbing. The new plumbing passed inspection with flying colours. Unfortunatly our house didn't. We have to replace the above rotten bearer beam.
Our shiney new toilet in the other bathroom. The old one had to be replaced in order to put in the new one. Don't understand why.


CurlyPops said...

Why is there a power switch next to your nice shiny new loo?

Nicola said...

So I can zap children that spend too much time there. No sorry really it is for the heated towel rail, which will be going when we renovate that bathroom. Which will be quite far in the future now we have spent all of our money on the one we are doing. But at least it has a lovely new shiney loo.

SWEET MARY said...

Lovely loo Nic - nearly there and you will have that front door you have always wanted.

CurlyPops said...

Oh...I would love a heated towel rail..what a luxury!


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