27 October 2008

Spring Clean

Above is what my youngests bedroom used to look like until this weekend. As it was the long weekend we decided to take the bull by the horns and clear out his bedroom. After a trip to warehouse stationary for boxes and a lot of junk removed, we turned the big pile of rubbish into the neat and tidy room below. Doesn't it look so much bigger.

Once we had finished my youngests room I got carried away and tackled the rest of the house. We removed in total 3 car loads of unwanted stuff and rubbish. Two and half car loads of stuff were recycled and only a half a car full was actual rubbish that could not be recyled. Now our cupboards are all organised, a really good feeling. My youngest is enjoying playing with toys that were lost in among all the rubbish, and he even tidied them up when he was finished.

1 comment:

SWEET MARY said...

That looks fabulous Nic - such a good feeling clearing out junk. I still have my junk mountain!


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