20 October 2008

Painting complete where's the spouting

After a hard weekend's painting here is the finished result. I am really please with it and so glad to get rid of the old blue, which was not to my taste. Unfortunately our spouting is not ready and will not be fitted till next Tuesday. We could have had an extra weekend to get the painting done if we had known.
What we did notice as we were going around the house, climbing up and down ladders, was lots of the above paint flaking on the east and south side of the house. I thought there was only a couple of patches and I was going to patch them up. But as there are maybe a couple of dozen spots it is possibly time to repaint, one side of the house at a time. Below are a couple of the colours we are thinking about. Still not sure weather to go with the very pale dove grey or a darker version. The pale, bluey, greyey white is winning at the moment.

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