08 October 2008

Bathroom Renovation #3

Do you remember this post of the lovely taps I had choosen for our bathroom. Well guess what when I went back to get them a week later they had been discontinued! They did have one set in stock. "Great" I said "But can you just check that they are suitable for our water system". After a lot of humming and phoning the manufacturer the answer was "Hmm no actually this tap will not work for your water system." Back to square one on the tap choice.After a lot more browseing and hmming. A bit of stropping out of a shop because the sales assistant said I could only have the ugly taps over there with my water system. I will show her I thought. We have choosen the above taps, which are not ugly.

And of course the above matching shower mixer. Which will also work with our hot water system.

Then there is the umming and arghing involved in the choice of shower. Why do I have to be so fussy. We can't have a large shower head with our hot water system, obviously. The shower to match the taps and mixer is a bar type that looks like a microphone, handy for singing in the shower, but not that good looking. Remember I mentioned that I am really fussy and have ideas. Well I had an idea in my head about a floating shelf to put the new basin on. Peter was keen on the idea too. So the nice man at Kirsten's recycling yard has made a brilliant shelf for us. I picked it up today and had to try the new basin on it. I love it, exactly what I wanted. I can't wait to see it all finished.

Sorry can't find a picture of the shower cubicle, it is just a standard frameless shower, with two walls tiled in standard white tiles.

Oh and we are still sticking with the green colour originally choosen. There was a little wobble and another three sample pots tried, thank you to Bruce (who knows everything about paint) at Tumu for mixing them up for me for free. But after all that the one we choose last time is still favourite.

Oh and an apology for boring you with all these details.


CurlyPops said...

There are no boring details..I love reading about renovations and I absolutely love everything you've chosen. The floating shelf with the basin is going to look amazing!

Nicola said...

Thanks for the kind comment. Hopefully the floating shelf thing will work. We just have to convince the builders now.

JustJess said...

Love, love, love that basin Nicola! Really lovely. A mixer is always great. Your choices are just lovely - timeless and elegant.


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