13 January 2009

Another colourful week - day two Purple

Today's colour in a colourful week, run by Curious Bird, is Purple. I know there is a lot of purple in the garden, but all I could think of in the house was my rocking chair. When I was 14, I think, all I wanted for my birthday was a rocking chair! No idea why. So my wonderful Mum found the chair below. I think it must have needed some TLC. She stripped it down, re varnished it and recovered the seat. She made a great job of it because 30+ years later it still looks good.

Even the cushion on the chair has a story. My Mum made it and gave it to a raffle as a prize. Guess who won the coushion back again, yes my Mum. So she gave it to me and I think it looks perfect on my chair.

Thinking there was not a lot of purple in my house I then noticed the beautiful scarf that Peter's Mum gave me for my christmas.

Turning around again I then noticed the little quilt, made by guess who, my Mum. It is pinned on my notice board and it looks great. Then as I was about to download my pics I spotted myself in the mirror, yes there I am wearing a purple tshirt for purple Tuesday without ever noticing it.

If you want to see some more purple why not visit Curious Bird.

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Soon, Then said...

love the flower mosaic! lovely! I can't wait for the blossoms to show their faces around here!


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