31 January 2009

Did I really do all that knitting

Jess over at Button Beauty is having a little giveaway for her one year blogaversery. She was reminiscing about fashion from the 80's and 90's. I had a wonder through my photo albums but could not find too many pics of my fashion faux pas, I was obviously not a very adventurous dresser. What I did find were lots of pics of me wearing stuff I had made myself. I obviously used to do a lot of knitting and I had forgotten how much. Above is a pic of my and my brother (sorry Bryan hope you don't mind to much). I am wearing one of the icelandic jumpers I used to knit. I think I knitted hundreds of them and could knock them out in a couple of days, all on circular needles.
The cardi in the pic above of me and my stepdaughter Lisa, is one I loved to knit and I loved to wear. It is a two colour fair isle. I used to love knitting fari isle in two colours, holding one colour in each hand, great fun. I am also wearing a skirt and shirt I made myself. I think I made nearly all my clothes, how did I have so much time.

Above are a couple of fashion faux pas. Leggings, why did I think they would make me look thinner when I was 8 months pregnant. I was so glad when they disapeared and a bit shocked when they started to come back into fashion. Then there are the lovely huge glasses that just about covered my face. I could not wear my contacts when I was pregnant, as I had so much calcium whizzing around my body, I would build up calcium deposits on my lenses with in hours. Glad those glasses are gone for good.

Another fairisle jumper I knitted with a skirt and shirt I made as well. My final fashion faux pas a curly perm. I have attempted to have my hair permed loads of times and it never ever works and I end up looking like a poodle who needs clipped.
I did start to wonder why I stopped doing all this sewing and knitting. Firstly I had children and secondly I used to run a craft stall making clothes for children. I would make thousands of dresses, dungarees, hats and scarfs every year. There was no time to do any knitting, and by the time I decided to stop the craft business I really did not want to see another sewing machine ever again. Sewing as a way of earning money took a lot of the fun out of it for me. Thankfully as the kids are growing up and flying the nest I am getting back into thinking about sewing more again. Don't know if I will ever want to knit again, did try to last winter but I could not find any patterns that interested me and the rather short sighted Man in the knitting shop told me nobody knits any more so they don't bother getting any interesting patterns in!


JustJess said...

Great pics Nicola! The knitting looks a little complex for me, but it all looks fantastic. Fair Isle reminds me of my Nanna, as she made lots of these for us and our cousins when we were younger. I am AGOG at the knitting shop man! Astounded! Newsagent and on-line may be the place for patterns!!

SWEET MARY said...

Wonderful blog Nic - what a superstar knitting those complicated looking patterns and enjoying it. Love the old photos - I did the perm/poodle look once too. You never do it again.

CurlyPops said...

Wow you were an amazing knitter. I hope I never lose my sewing mojo... what else would I do with my time?
Obviously the knitting shop man hasn't caught on to how popular knitting is again!

Bryan said...

Wow I have not seen that one before!! I guess there were very few barbers in them olden days!!
Little brov.


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