04 January 2009

Life's bowl of cherries

Just sometimes life in Hawkes Bay is a bit of a bowl of cherries. This morning was one of those occassions. I managed to get Peter to kick me out of bed early, so I could go to the farmers market. Needless to say he could not quite manage to get out of bed himself. So off I trundled to Hawkes Bay farmers market.
The sun was shining, the guitar man was playing, people were picnicing and it was a perfect, if a little busy, market day. I strolled around enjoying the atmosphere, bought far too much stuff and had to stagger back to the car, with a little detour as I could not remember exactly where I had parked my car. Below is the stuff I bought lovely bread from Harolds Bakery, some beetroot plants from the organic stall, some lovely cuts of beef which I got half price, tasty cheese from Hohepa, lots of fruit, some veg for us, some cheap veg for the guinea pigs, mushrooms from Te Mata mushrooms and a giant garlic. Yes, it truly is a giant garlic.

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