08 January 2009

A summer night at the movies

The movie we went to see yesterday was "Vicky Cristina Barcelona". The latest Woody Allen movie. I wanted to see the movie because it was set in Barcelona, where Peter and I went for our honeymoon. Barcelona was as beautiful as I expected, and the movie was good too.

After the movie Peter treated me to supper at Pippi's. The pizza bread to start disapeared very fast. The blur in the corner of the screen is Peter's hand grabbing the bread. We had Pollo pizza, gnochi in tomatoe ragu and one tiramisu with two spoons. We also finally figured out what the tables are made from.

Have you guessed yet. Yes, the tables are all old doors chopped up and stuck on legs.

The sun had set when we left the restaurant, the sky had turned a beautiful shade
and everything was calm.

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