25 January 2009

Summer Hols

We have been on a short holiday to Mt Mauganui in the Bay of Plenty. Above are some snaps of things that caught my eye as we were wondering around the town.
We spent a lot of time splashing around in the pool and the sea.
Walking on the beach at sun rise. Amazingly beautiful.
There were a lot of sea gulls.

Some beautiful shells on the beach.

And a cool walk around the the mount. We were too lazy to walk up the mount, but the views walking around the base were so beautiful, I don't feel so guilty. Especially the little shell beaches that we would never have seen otherwise.

And a lot of sitting in cafes enjoying the view, and yes I do mean the baldy guy sitting opposite me.


Peter said...

Baldy guy, where? - can't see him, he must be behind me I suppose.


SWEET MARY said...

Yeah, thats what I thought too - must be behind you. Looks like you have had a really nice time.


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