03 January 2009

Today's Daisies #77 - The Christmas Pressie Saga continues

This morning I went to get the earrings that I liked with the money for my christmas pressie. I was in a rush as usual, cause we were all meeting up for breakfast at a cafe in Hastings. On the way to meet Peter and my youngest at the cafe I had to take this snap of the stormy sky. It has been so hot here for the last few days. Yesterday it was so hot, 32 during the day and not dipping below 22 overnight. So I was glad to see a storm on the way to cool the air. Much later on in the day Peter asked to see the earrings, after searching my handbag, the house and my car I had to admit that I had lost them. Typical, if my head was not attached I would leave it behind. I was so cross with myself. Peter insisted that we retraced my steps. So we went back to the shop that I first took my purse out of my handbag in Hastings, no sign of the earrings. While there Peter decided to try on some shorts, so I decided to check the place where I had parked. On walking around the corner I spotted the little bag straight away lying in the middle of the parking space. I could not believe my luck. The little bag below had been lying on the road for about 4hrs and had not been squashed, picked up by anyone else or blown away. I think they must have fallen out of my bag when I removed my camera to take the snap of the stormy sky.
So here they are my new earrings, I will take very good care of them from now on. Fingers crossed.


CurlyPops said...

Oh thank goodness you found them! They're really beautiful.

Julz said...

Wow an angel was looking after those earrings for sure :) they are gorgeous... a perfect match for that lovely necklace. Enjoy. Hugs Jx


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