09 January 2010

Evil Fennel

This is the view out of my bedroom window of the fennel that grows in front of it. The reason for the picture is a reply to a comment from Pixie of Pixie Post. I wanted to show her that not all fennel is evil, some of it is very beautiful. The reason I planted the fennel there was that I thought the smell near the window might deter the mossies from visiting our bedroom.


Pixie said...

hahahahaha am laughing my little behind off (it is so little, it's the only little thing I've got!).
Cut those flowers down immediately! There will be an evil fennel forrest before you know it!! You shall have a pixie post in response, once I've charged the camera battery....

Nicola said...

lol. They have been there a couple of years already and no evil fennel forrest yet. Looking forward to your response.


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