04 January 2010

Lisa's Quilt - Still Planning

The first glimpse of what the finished quilt might look like. All that planning and it looks exactly as I wanted it to.
Above is what the back will look like.
Now where am I going to put those fairies. I did originally want to put them as a whole block. But I just don't think it works. The current favourite idea is to put them on sticky stuff, cut around them and then apply to the centre of the blocks. There will only be 12 fairies and 36 blocks alltogether.


SWEET MARY said...

Looking great - is it possible to put fairies on blocks in a circle?

Pixie said...

I love the stripey binding. I've got a trolley too, I call it my granny bag. my boys laugh out loud at me and won't be seen with me with it!! I use it to carry things from my car uphill to my house!


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