16 January 2010

A New Year Challenge

I was hunting through my stash of fabric for some Sunflower fabric for Keriann a couple of days ago.

The stash is made up off three large baskets of fat quarters.
A cupboard of my desk full of larger lumps of fabric.
One large chest full of fabric.
Another basket full of fat quarters.
And finally a random pile of red and white fabrics I used for my christmas bunting.

It dawned on me that I maybe have too much fabric. Will I ever make use of it all? While discussing this with Keriann, she suggested a challenge. Seeing how long we could last without buying any fabric this year. A very good idea I think. Can I manage to do it. So far we are 16 days into the new year and I have not bought a single speck of fabric. I think I can perhaps last till at least February. But I would like to make a quilt for my eldest son sometime soon and I know there is nothing in my stash that would suit him. Perhaps I should aim for, not buying random fabric without purpose, just because it looks nice. But buying fabric for a specific project will be ok , I would not want my son to get cold down in Christchurch.


SWEET MARY said...

I went straight from your place to Spotlight and bought fabric! Well, only $6 worth and the rest for the sunflower themed quilt has come from my stash (and yours)so not all bad. Love Rana the guard cat - our Annie growls like a dog at the orchard workers - from behind the safety of lounge window of course.

Molly-Mole said...

Wow I am envious - what a lovely stash of fabric you have...I need more!!


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