06 January 2010

Saved by the plums

There is a plum tree in our garden that is not very pretty and in the wrong place. Each year I threaten it. Then the blossom comes out and the fragrance is amazing, and it gets another reprieve. A few months pass and I say, "That plum tree has got to go". But then in late December early January the plums appear. They are the nicest most delicious plums I have ever tasted, and the tree gets yet another reprieve. The first year we got 20 large buckets of plums, far to much for anyone to cope with. We gave it a very hard prune after that. Now we only get two or three large bowls. Which is just enough to enjoy. As you can see below we are not the only one that enjoys the plums.
One of the strange things about living in Hawkes Bay is - people keep asking me what variety the plums are, then they have a long talk about the different types and there advantages and disadvantages. I have no idea they are just plums to me. I do know they are not the famed Black Doris. If anyone does recognises the variety please let me know, then next time I can pretend to know my plums!


Mic said...

Plum jam!

Nicola said...

Too late I have eaten them all. Maybe next year.


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