17 January 2010

The Girlie Pigs (and Caramello)'s Big Day Out

The girlie guinea pigs had a big day out in the hedge this week.  One evening I went to feed them.  Hmm, I thought,  where are they and wandered off, wondering what was rustling the hedge.  Later on I took them a lettuce and found that the girls and Caramello were outside their run trying to get in to eat their evening meal.   They had all escaped  and had a day out in the hedge.  There then ensued a bit of a kerfuffle to persuade them to return to their nice run.  This involved some more lettuce, a brick to hold up the edge of the run,  supervision by Buffy the cat and a trip to see the boy pigs in their run.  Needless to say, I did put a seperator in the boy's run so that the two groups could just look at each other through the chicken wire.  When I say look, I mean shouting from the boy pigs and cowering from the girl pigs.  Once the girls run was repaired they were able to return home again.  Poor Terry has been shouting for them ever since.  Everytime I pass his hutch he breaks our in a chorus of eee-eee-eee.  Which I take to mean, "Where are those girls, bring back those girls right now, I want girls."  Poor Terry, he looks so determined to find all those guinea pig girls.  All I have to say is  -  No Chance.


Julz said...

So very cute, I had guinea pigs as a girl, Rusty, Benny and ? (can't remember the name of the black one)... they were so much fun and noisey! Though hated Saturday morning as I had to clean and scrub out their sleeping hutch - eew! Have a happy day. Hugs Jx

Nicola said...

Peter invented a brilliant way of making the cleaning out more efficient. The bottom of their sleeping hutch is a cat litter tray, which slides in and out. So you can just slide it out, empty it easily, wash it easily and then put it back clean with very little effort.

Michelle said...

Too cute! I love the way they sound. And so much personality in those little critters.


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