08 January 2010

Its Agapanthus time again.

Its Agapanthus time again in Havelock North. They are blooming everywhere. Nearly every garden has hosts of nodding blue and white heads. I know they are considered a weed in this country, but they are a very beautiful weed. I love them.


Mic said...

What? They're considered a weed? Oh my goodness, we go hunting for the dark blue version of these. Landscapers use these religiously!

Pixie said...

I love them too....they're about to burst into flower in my wgtn garden and I'm planting more!don't talk to me about fennel though. fennel is evil!

Nicola said...

Oh I love fennel. Its not evil, it is so beautiful and the smell on a warm afternoon beautiful. Mind you it is seeding itself everywhere. Maybe in a few years I might agree.


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