03 January 2010

My trolley in use

Sunday morning farmers market shopping. My trolley was as full as I could get it with goodies. Lots of fresh berries to make a summer pudding. I love summer pudding. I was very disappointed the other night in Pippi's, they had summer pudding on the menu. I was so looking forward to it. So you can imagine my surprise when they turned up with Strawberry Shortcake. What they meant was a pudding for summer, not a summer pudding. :( . I will just have to make my own. I am going to have it with yogurt for breakfast tomorrow.

Back to the shopping trolley, it has a handy pocket for flowers. Well actually it is meant for wine bottles. But I have not reached that stage yet, that I need to carry a bottle of wine around when I am shopping! :)


SWEET MARY said...

Love the overflowing trolley

Mic said...

What an ingenius idea...I've seen coffee holders for shopping carts...but wine is truly overlooked for such excursions. ;)


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