31 January 2010

Peeling away the layers

The foot stool in our lounge was looking a little tired, grubby and drooping. Now usually I just remove the old outer cover and staple a new one in its place. This time when stripping off the old cover I found that the foam on the inside had started to disintegrate. It was time to just go for it and strip the whole lot back to the bare wood. A very messy job. While I was peeling back the layers it was like peeling back layers of my memory. The stool originally belonged to my parents, I can't remember how I ended up with it. I think I remember playing on it when I was little. Turning it upside down and pretending it was a boat. I know all my children did that.
I replaced the foam with a cut up babies cot mattress, that has been hanging around for a long time. Then covered the foam with a plain white cover. It looks like a new stool already.
Then put the new top cover on and stapled it down well. The cats like to pull themselves around the floor under it so the cover needs to be very firmly attached. I was really pleased with the result.
Ranna the cat seems to be pleased with the result too.


Jen said...

very nice! and I like the material :)

SWEET MARY said...

Thats gorgeous Nic - you have inspired me to do my much smaller stool.

Michelle said...

You are so talented. I love that print!


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