08 July 2008

Berwick and the Tweed

Today's travel pics are of Berwick, the Tweed from Horncliffe and looking over the Tweed to Berwick. If you want to see the more pics visit my web albums.
I love the snap above, it is of the Fishing Shiel where my Grandad used to work as a Salmon Fisherman. The original shiel burnt down a few years ago and has been rebuilt. I bet it is a lot more comfortable now than it was in my Grandad's day. I think for about six months of the year the men used to live in the shiels all week, fishing with nets at night depending on the tide. There are no salmon fishermen on the Tweed anymore, that way of life has gone. Now there are only hobby fishermen on the Tweed.
Tommorrow's holiday pics are of castles.

1 comment:

Thrash said...

I happened across your page searching for photos of ancient Fishing Shiel's at Horncliffe on the Tweed. I've been researching my maternal Tait family, it so happens that my great great great grandfather was a fisherman on the Tweed. I'm hoping to take holiday one day to your beautiful country. Thank you so much for sharing! Warm Regards, Denise Thrasher


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