13 July 2008

This is ........ what gives me goosebumps.

Music is what gives me goosebumps. Some songs just cover me in goosebumps, bring tears to my eyes and let my mind soar. This is not the list of my favourite songs. This is the list of the ones that make me feel. I would probably give my right arm (as long as there was very little pain) to be a musician. Unfortunatly I never will be. My two eldest have inherited the musician gene from their Dad, so far they have not used it, but I know it is there just under the surface and one day might bubble out when they need it. There are a few of these tunes so please be patient while I share with you.

The all time best and greatest song for me is this one, Kiss from a Rose by Seal.

And Roachford "Only to be with you", tingles my spine every time.

And another one. I am sure this one does it for most of us girls.

Almost finished my list, I love, love, love this song. Maybe tomorrow by STEREOPHONICS!!!

And lastly this song just picks me up so much when I need a good kick up the bum. Coldplay and Clocks.

Almost forgot to add, isn't you tube so cool. You can look up all those old videos, music and comedians, they are just there when every you want, almost live on your laptop or PC. I know that it has been abused in the past and probably will in the future, which is a shame. I have just spend a brill Sunday afternoon, watching the above videos and others that I had not thought of for years. I am just off back to oggle Paul Rodgers and Bad Company.


SWEET MARY said...

Listened to them all! and loved them all - great choices.

CurlyPops said...

Isn't it funny how a simple piece of music can give you that tingly feeling, evoke a memory, or make you cry....

JustJess said...

What a great selection. This is a great topic this week - music can evoke such amazing reactions.


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