16 July 2008


Above travelling in the UK. The roads from Manchester were really busy, but the closer we got to Horncliffe the quieter and narrower the roads got.
My trip back from work in New Zealand in comparison to travelling in the UK above. Sorry this one is not in order, but you get the idea. No traffic hardly at all. Peter was driving this time, so I could take pics from any angle.
These pictures I took a couple of days ago while going to work with Peter in the morning.
They are to good to include in a mosiac type photo.

The mist was just lying beautifully in the fields.

I love the shape of the poplars in the winter.

1 comment:

French Knots said...

Goodness the roads were quiet round here:)assuming it is my Manchester! Whenever I go anywhere the motorway seems to be nose to tail.


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