22 July 2008

Finished with minutes to spare .....

Last Sunday I went to my first baby shower. Baby showers are not a Scottish tradition. Obviously I waited till the last minute to start making a cot quilt as a gift. There I was on Sunday morning still in my PJ's busy quilting away. I did finish the quilt, but with just minutes to spare.
A project finished at last. Maybe this will spur me on to finish some of the other projects. Maybe that is what I need to finish my other projects, a deadline. Or maybe I should spend more time quilting in my PJ's, instead of running around at the weekends washing, ironing, shopping (the dull supermarket kind) and being a taxi service for my teenagers.

1 comment:

JustJess said...

Nic - this is glorious. Well done you! I too need to find out how it feels to actually finish a project!


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