07 July 2008


Sorry I don't have a pic to go with this post. But I just have to say grrrrrr again. I tried to start my car yesterday, unfortunately the battery was as flat as a pancake. Peter charged it up for me, started the car and everything was ok and ready to go this morning.

This morning I tried to start the car and it turned over but would not start. So I tried charging the battery again, still the car would not start. Time to call Terry down at the garage. Terry arrived an hour later, hooked the car up to his fancy black box. Turn it over he said and it should start now. So I turned it over again, still nothing happening. Hmmm said Terry, that does not smell quite right, I will need to look at this down at the garage, I will send the low loader out to pick up your car. How long do you think it will take to fix, I said. Hmmm probably tomorrow morning, I am a bit busy today, was his answer.

After another hour the guy with the low loader arrived to pick up the car. How he reversed up our narrow drive with its twisted start I do not know. Just climb in and steer and I will winch you on to the truck, he said. Hmmm, I said, think I better get my eldest son, reversing is not one of my main talents. My eldest did a great job and off Cys (that's my cars name, another story) went on the low loader. See you tomorrow I thought. I should have known better.

Two hours later Terry phoned up. Have you been having lots of problems with your car, he said. Nope, said I, it has been running ok. That's very strange, he said, as there is no pressure at all in two of the cylinders. I have no idea what that means, but it sounded serious. It will be Friday at the earliest before I will be able to fix your car. Yikes I thought, school holidays and no car. Is that going to be expensive, said I. Yes, very, said Terry!

So here I am first day of the holidays and I am grounded, there is no escape.

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CurlyPops said...

Oh No! That is a disaster!


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