20 July 2008

This is ............ things that make me happy.

This is a list, in order, of the things that make me happy.

My family laughing together.

My wonderful hubbie and his strange sense of humour. I had to kiss a lot of frogs before I found him. Incase you are wondering what he is doing, he is trying to hide his double chin, that he doesn't have.
My garden, other people's gardens and gardening.

Having outings, dinners and coffee with the brilliant friends I have made in NZ.

Quilts, patchwork, quilting, my stash of fabrics and quilting shops.

Life in general, when everything lines up.

Coming out of the movies after seeing a great movie. Saw Momma Mia last week with friends, a very feel good movie.

Walking in the early morning sunshine.

Finding a truly beautiful bargain in an op shop (thrift shop, junk shop, charity shop).

The beauty of the unexpected simple things in life.

Shopping. Yes, I know I am very shallow.

Oh and winning the lottery would make me happy, then I could travel back to see my Mum and Dad whenever I wanted.

BTW there is a very cool quilt give away over here, shhh don't tell everyone. I would feel pretty happy if I won it.

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Hazel said...

What a lovely post.
I also popped into Peter's blog today. Such a talented writing couple you are :)


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