03 July 2008

Whitecroft, Today's Daisies #55 and another sneak preview

I like to stay in houses when I am travelling. Hotels are ok, but once you have see one hotel room you have just about seen them all. Part of the fun of the holiday is arriving at the unknown house and exploring all its nooks and crannies. On our travels this time we stayed in a beautiful cottage in the village where I grew up. We were not disappointed exploring Whitecroft, it is a lovely, cosy, typical roses round the door, English cottage. If you want a base for exploring the very northern tip of England and the south of Scotland, this is a perfect spot. Just don't tell everyone as it is so quite, empty and almost unspoilt. There are beautiful sandy beeches, loads of castles and you are with a train journey of central Edinburgh. To see more snaps of Whitecroft click here.

I managed to find quite a few daisies hidden around the house. I would love a mirror like the one I found hidden at the back on top of the wardrobe. Below is a sneak peak at the subject of my next post.

1 comment:

SWEET MARY said...

I want to live in that house!
Oh dear about the car muck up - I will never use that car company!


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