31 July 2008

Time off for good behaviour

Peter and I actually got to go out for a quick meal and a trip to the movies tonight, by ourselves. Well I mean both of us together, not by ourselves separately, without kids.
We went to Pippi's for pizza. Which arrived very quickly and tasted brilliant. I think Peter perhaps enjoyed his bottle of beer.

The film we went to see was "Married Life". Not quite what I expected and quite slow, but ok. All that and we were back home by 7:30pm.

Sorry about the dark pics, I don't like to use the flash in a restaurant as it can be a pain for other diners.


SWEET MARY said...

Glad Peter got to out to Pipi's for pizza - you have got to grab those moments when they present themselves.

swallowtail said...

I am loving your blog! Congratulations on going out! I think my favorite post is the one with all the pictures of the demolished kitchen after the pizza dinner with friends... especially your comment about drinking and cooking! Now "thinking" and drinking could be an entirely different matter?


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