27 July 2008

This is ......... what I did last night

This weeks this is topic was kind of free form, each blogger taking part in the meme could chose their own theme. I choose .......... this is what I did last night. No this is not a normal night's meal destruction in the Daisy household. We had a bunch of very good friends over for a meal. Peter cooked Pizza and did some salads. Katherine brought the cheese board and dips as a starter and Keriann brought her brilliant Tiramisu as dessert. Really I should have taken a picture of the before, not the after, as the table looked so cool.
Unfortunatly it was all too much for Peter who collapsed at the end of the evening, groaning that he could not cope with cooking and drinking wine at the same time. Now has that ever stopped any of us girls, I am sure cooking improves with a glass or two of wine.
The last remaining bits of pizza were polished off by an errant teenager when they managed to get home.
Unfortunatly the washing up fairies did not visit us last night. So I just grabbed a bowl of yogurt and went back to bed to wait for them.


CurlyPops said...

he he he, I hope those washing up fairies turn up soon....they're running a little late!

Peter said...

I don't know - can't a man just lie down for a couple of minutes without some paparazzi wannabee taking a snap . . . .

julia said...

Hope the washing up fairies turn up soon! Looks like a good night was had by all!
Julia x

Maureen said...

Ha! where are those fairies when you need them?!?? Well, I suspect they've arrived by now, haven't they???


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